bed bugs NYC hotelsWith the recent increase in bed bug infestations across the country, including large and small hotels and inns, traveling has become worrisome for many. Most notably, the explosion of bed bugs in NYC hotels made headlines in recent months, causing alarm and concern with tourists and business travelers who would prefer not to sleep amongst these unwelcome lodgers.

According to a recent article in The Villager, EcoSmart reported that the New York City hotline, 311, received 10,985 calls reporting bedbug infestation in 2009, which was considerably higher than calls received in 2008. New York is not the only city with bed bugs. According to the NPMA 2010 Comprehensive Global Bed Bugs Study conducted in conjunction with the University of Kentucky, 67% of 1,000 pest management firms surveyed reported treating bed bug infestations at a hotel or motel in the past 12 months.

Bed Bugs NYC Protective Measures
Here are three top tactics to protect yourself from bed bugs when on your next trip to NYC:

  1. Do your research to uncover any potential bed bug outbreaks noted at the hotel of your choice. Check with online sites like the Bed Bugs Registry or Trip Advisor. Also call the hotel to ask when their rooms have been inspected and if they use mattress encasements or liners.
  2. Use bed bug-proof luggage liners when packing or seal clothing in plastic bags. Consider spraying your luggage with Permethrin, which can protect against bed bugs for up to four weeks.
  3. At the hotel, check the room for any noticeable signs or actual bugs, including the mattress and under all linens. Use a flashlight to check in hard-to-see areas.  Also, keep your clothes in closed luggage and in sealed plastic bags until ready to use.

Tips to Remember:
When booking your trip, you can guard against bed bugs in NYC and elsewhere by doing the following:

  • Plan for bed bug protection before, during, and after travel to a hotel to prevent the insects from making your trip uncomfortable and from bringing them home with you.
  • Never be too careful about bed bugs and stays in hotels. Don’t assume because it’s a posh NYC hotel that it does not have an infestation. Double-check by researching online, asking tough questions, and doing your own room inspections.

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