do bed bugs fly wingBed bugs are worrying a lot of people these days, which is understandable considering that the population of these insect parasites has increased dramatically over the past 15 years. 

If you’re among those wisely keeping an eye out for bed bugs, you may see flying insects in or around your home and wonder: “Do bed bugs fly?” 

The good news is that bed bugs don’t have wings, so the things you see flying around  aren’t bed bugs. They’re probably other worrisome pests, but they certainly aren’t bed bugs. 

On the other hand, it would be nice if determining whether you have a bed bug infestation was as easy as spotting them flying. 

Bed bugs make their nests in cracks, crevices, holes in mattresses, and other places far removed from human sight. There are signs to look for—such as blood spots on your sheets, bites on your body in rows of three, and discarded bed bug exoskeletons —but bed bugs are notoriously difficult to locate. In fact, professional pest control specialists often use specially trained bed bug sniffing dogs to locate them. 

Wait, They Do Fly!
“Do bed bugs fly?” is actually a sort of trick question. No, they don’t fly around your home, but they do fly in airplanes. If you’ve been on a trip, they might be flying home with you in your clothes or luggage! They also might be left behind in seats by other travelers, ready to hitch a ride with you back to your home. 

So, in this sense, bed bugs definitely fly—therefore you should wash your clothes in hot water and heat-treat you luggage each time you return home after a flight.

Takeaway Point 
Bed bugs don’t fly on their own, so don’t worry that the insects flying around your home are bed bugs. But be vigilant as you fly. And if you have other reasons to suspect you have bed bugs, call a pest control specialist to search for the possible infestation and determine if your problem is actually bed bugs.

Photo Credit: thebarrowboy via Flickr

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