prevent bed bugs from spreading resized 600If you live in an apartment or dorm, if you own a home, or if you operate a hotel or inn, discovering bed bugs is bad enough, but worse still is being aiding their spread. That’s why it is important to know how to prevent bed bugs from infesting your space in the first place.

Isolating Bed Bugs
Here are some good tips to make sure you don’t exacerbate the problem:

  • Conduct regular inspections of all areas bed bugs like to hide: in bedding and around bed frames, on stuff animals and decorative pillows, inside clothing drawers, around baseboards and inside cracks and crevices in furniture. Be vigilant in checking these known bed bug hideouts.
  • Spray your mattresses and even luggage with an insecticide spray that discourages bed bugs from taking up residence. This includes your kid’s overnight sleepover bags that travel to other homes that may or may not have a bed bug problem. Better safe than sorry.
  • Take preventative measures when traveling by sealing clothing in plastic bags and keeping everything in suitcases while staying in a hotel or motel.  Even better, keep your suitcases in the bathroom where bed bugs are less likely to be found.
  • Regularly wash bedding, décor and fabric items in very hot 120° F water so that bed bugs and their eggs will be killed.
  • Use mattress encasements or ActiveGuard mattress liners, which kill bed bugs and prevent infestation in the first place. These liners also kill and prevent dust mites.
  • Don’t dispose of furniture or mattresses that have had bed bugs in them by trying to sell them to other people. Although the items might appear to be free of bed bugs, more could be hiding and you would unknowingly spread the bed bug problem to others.

Get Involved
Being in close quarters like a dorm, apartment, or hotel often makes it difficult to contain bed bugs, especially if others are not as intent on learning how to prevent bed bugs as you. Communication and dialogue helps those around you to get involved and stop bed bugs from spreading. Here are some ideas:

  • Post flyers or information sheets in common areas.
  • Schedule a dorm, apartment, HOA, or company meeting to share information about bed bugs and explain best practices for prevention and isolation.
  • Communicate through social networking pages that help answer questions and explain preventative steps that can be taken in multi-unit residences.

Strategy for How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Taking Over
In summary, consider these ideas to help stop bed bugs in their tracks:

  • Get started immediately. They won’t go away on their own and will only get worse if you don’t begin to proactively identify and exterminate.
  • Be thorough and leave no area in the residence or hotel untouched.
  • Continue regular inspections even after you think bed bugs are gone.
  • Work together on a strategy if you are in a building where others may be affected.
  • Communicate and exchange ideas and efforts to isolate bed bugs.

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