where do bed bugs hideIf you’re worried that you might have bed bugs in your home and you’re wondering, “Where do bed bugs hide?” the answer is in the question. 

They like to hide in or near beds; that’s how they got their name. 

Bed bugs live on blood—human preferably—and they come out at night to feed. They don’t typically venture far—no more than a few feet—so they need to be hiding close by where humans sleep. Their flat bodies allow them to crawl into minuscule crevices in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards. 

Dismantling Your Bed 
You will need to take apart your bed to sufficiently inspect for bed bugs. As you look for them, think like them—they’re looking for places that are out-of-sight, protected, and dark. Common areas around the bed where they live include: 

  • Mattress seams 
  • Any holes in the mattress 
  • Cracks in wood frames or headboards 
  • Along the frame where the mattress rested 
  • Wooden slats, on the ends that rested on the frame 
  • In the holes where rails fit into the frame 
  • Screw holes 
  • Knots in the wood 
  • Any items stored under the bed 

What to Look For
Of course, knowing the answer to “Where do bed bugs hide?” won’t do you any good if you don’t know a bed beg when you see one, or if you can’t identify the signs of bed bug infestation. 

Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, flat, and about 3/16” long. Nymphs are also flat but they are lighter in color and of course smaller. 

Also look for these signs: 

  • Reddish smears on your bed sheets from crushed bed bugs that were engorged with blood. 
  • Areas with dark spots or dark staining—this is the dried excrement of the bed bugs. 
  • Tannish skins that have been shed by maturing nymphs. 

The Problem Spreads 
Although bed bugs prefer to live near beds, and most infestations start in that area, bed bugs can move into other areas of your home. But if you want to check for an infestation, the bed is the place to start because that’s most likely where they first began hiding. 

If you see any signs there, it’s time to call for professional assistance. You’re going to need pest control specialists to exterminate the bed bugs around the bed, and they can inspect your entire home as part of their service.

Photo Credit: Rich Moffitt via Flickr

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