Bed Bug Inspection for Apartment Buildings

Bed Bug Inspection for Apartment BuildingsBed bugs can easily overwhelm an apartment buildings quickly. Being tiny and nocturnal, bed bugs can go undetected for a time, and in that duration can spread rapidly. Apartments can be overwhelmed in outbreaks and multiple tenants can be afflicted. If such an occurrence happens, you will be happy to find that The Bed Bug Inspectors are on your side to ensure the bed bug infestation is obliterated.

Bed Bug Infestations in Apartment Buildings

Bed bugs feed on people and animals. They desire to make meal time convenient as they need to feed daily. During the daylight hours they slip into hiding places that make them feel secure, and with their small stature, and being a brownish color, they can conceal themselves with ease. As bed bugs infestations worsen and grow in number, bed bugs venture further out to adjacent rooms and even from apartment to apartment.

Bed Bug Apartment Building Treatment

The Bed Bug Inspectors have been expertly trained and certified through NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) to provide effective bed bug inspection services to apartment complexes. Our teams consist of a pair of enthusiastic and passionate bed bug inspectors; a handler and their canine partner. The dogs can quickly and efficiently search the entire premises to locate bed bugs and their eggs.

Apartment Building Bed Bug Inspections

The Bed Bug Inspectors are located in New York and are eager to serve the locals along with surrounding areas. We have the credentials and expertise to properly locate bed bugs in every apartment. Our thorough and meticulous inspections have minimum invasive action and are more effective than visual inspections performed by professionals. With a thorough and effective inspection, our team at The Bed Bug Inspectors can ensure your apartment complex is searched in every nook and cranny, including furnishings, and hard to reach places. Call us today to schedule your appointment!


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