Bed Bug Inspection for Hotels & Motels

The Bed Bug InspectorsBed Bug Inspection for Hotels & Motels Van are extremely beneficial to hotels & motels or similar buildings designed for lodging. We have been trained and certified to expertly perform quality bed bug inspections to high volume establishments. Utilizing our secret weapon, our dogs can quickly search and detect bed bugs at your hotel, motel or other similar lodging. Our handlers, their canine counterparts and our visual inspectors have all been masterfully trained in locating bed bugs and their eggs. Our canine unit has been trained and certified through NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association) to efficiently and quickly find the bed bugs and their eggs nestling within your business.

Bed Bugs are Bad for Hotels & Motels!

When you are dependent on servicing the public through offering them temporary shelter, having a ranting review from a recent guest, detailing the bed bug infestation can negatively impact your hotel or motel and keep it difficult to keep the doors open.

Hotel & Motel Canine Bed Bug Inspections

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The Bed Bug Inspectors is based in New York. We proudly service surrounding areas and are also happy to provide services throughout the globe. We are eager to travel to provide bed bug inspection services to your hotel, motel or other lodging facility.


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