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Bed Bug Home ServiceBed bugs are no longer mere concoctions in children’s rhymes, but real life threats that reach people’s houses. Being little insects and having brown bodies, they are camouflaged into their hiding spot of choice and easily go undetected. Since they prefer to feed off humans, they are everywhere that the public inhabits. Bed bugs are found on public transportation systems, airplanes, hotels, motels and other lodging establishments, healthcare facilities, retail buildings, office spaces, virtually everywhere. And of course, when bed bugs do hitch a ride on your person or belongings, they often head straight back to your home!

Bed Bug Home Service – Bed Bug Detection for Your Home

The good news is that with the help of The Bed Bug Inspectors, bed bugs can be quickly located and dealt with. Homes can house a colony of bed bugs in multiple locations. Bed bugs reproduce and grow their populations rapidly, spilling into every room in your house. The bed Bug Inspectors can give your house a thorough inspection, without being invasive to your personal belongings. Our experts are unique, consisting of a pair in a team to conduct their inspection. A handler and a canine counterpart can quickly and efficiently inspect your house and locate all bed bugs and their eggs. We also offer visual bed bug inspections without our canine companions if you prefer.

Home Bed Bug Inspections

Our teams of professionals at The Bed Bug Inspectors have been masterfully trained by NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) to provide quality home bed bug inspections. Being based in New York, we are eager to serve our local houses, along with surrounding areas. If you suspect bed bugs in your residence, call us today to schedule your appointment!


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