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A Bed bug inspection that helps fix your problem. The Bed Bug Inspectors use our team of NESDCA trained and certified Bed Bug Dogs and certified bed bug handlers to pin point your problem. Our team will inspect your home for all signs of an infestation and inform you of an outbreak.

Our inspections begin with a visual examination from one of our qualified exterminator. They will play out a visual test to check the problem you’re dealing with. On the off chance that extra help is required because of difficult places where bed bugs might be hiding, we may propose getting a bed bug dog to help in the bed bug inspection process. These for the most part aren’t required when there are evident indications of bed bugs.

Our Bed Bug  Inspection Services

Bed Bug Dog Inspection nyc
Bed Bug Dog Inspection
visual bed bug inspection nyc
Visual Inspection Services

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Why Choose A Bed Bug Dog?

The Bed Bug Inspectors are made up of a dedicated team of handler and canine. Both handler and dog receive special training to become NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association) certified. For those that are skeptical using a dog to inspect for bed bugs, bed bug dogs like ours are 95% effective in detecting bed bugs as opposed to a pest control service professional with basic training only being approximately 15% efficient, and a moderately trained inspector being approximately 30% efficient. The Bed Bug Inspectors operation is based locally in New York, however our teams are readily available to travel the globe in the quest to inspect and detect the bed bugs in both residential and commercial buildings.NESDCA Bed Bug Dog Certification

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Bed bug issues need to be quickly dealt with. Utilizing our specialized canine teams to conduct their search is quick and very thorough. We do our work with minimum disturbance, and can quite easily provide an inspection on motels, hotels or apartments where bed bug infestations can quickly spread.

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Bed Bug Dog Inspection

The Bed Bug Inspectors are licensed as pest control professionals to provide our customers with unbiased results. When a human conducts the search, literally hours are wasted to tear the room apart, looking in all the places a bed bug can be. An inspector has to go through furniture, remove outlet plates, door frames need to be lifted, and more. All of these tasks are necessary when a person conducts their search. However, when a dog performs a room inspection, it’s a matter of mere minutes without the need to disrupt the room.

Bed Bug Dog & Handler Training

Many of the dogs that are recruited for training in the bed bug detection program are shelter dogs. It is preferable for dogs to be trained at younger ages, but as long as they are willing, they receive top notch training. For the pup to be certified, they have to undergo 800-1,000 hours of training.

There are special facilities where these dogs get trained in mock scenarios for realistic situations where the bed bugs are hiding in natural places. Basic obedience is taught before training ensues. Handlers receive just as must training as the dog. Proper training techniques are taught to the handler along with daily care. Handlers are also taught to give the correct commands and how to read their dog’s cues for infestation finds.

95% Effective in Detecting Bed Bugs

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NEDSCA certified Bed Bug Dog & Bed Bug Handler

Bed Bug dog inspectors are friendly to ease the customer with having a dog in their home or business. It is a much safer alternative to the “spray and pray” motto where some folks will fumigate and hope they got all the critters. As already mentioned, bed bug dogs like ours are 95% effective in detecting bed bugs! Using dog inspections can accurately locate the bed bugs and their eggs in a very safe and eco-friendly manner. Our bed bug teams have the experience and training to make them the leading experts and can effectively inspect any home or business.

Bed Bug Canine Dog Inspections

The Bed Bug Inspector dog inspection service is primarily the more efficient way to locate all bed bugs within a home or business. To ensure every bug and egg are located for proper termination, taking advantage the bed bug dog inspection service is the best investment you can make to ensure their eviction. Don’t delay, call us today for your appointment!

Visual Inspection

The professionals at The Bed Bug Inspectors have banded together to bring everyone quality bed bug visual inspection . Traditionally, we utilize our expert partners in crime to sniff out bed bugs and their eggs; however, we also provide exceptionally accurate visualized inspections as well. Our experts specialize in bed bugs. Absorbing all the knowledge that is associated with bed bugs, we cannot help but being the best in the business. Our expert visual inspection service is spot on to help commercial buildings and residential homes alike.

In the United States, especially affecting the East Coast, bed bug populations are on the rise. With an epidemic, it is a great benefit to have a trusted, dependable and efficient professional to help fight the good fight. Our technicians exceed minimum qualifications and have the credentials to back our expertise. Being certified in bed bug inspections, we have the ability to locate bed bugs in commercial spaces, and homes of any shape and size; in all the places bed bugs hide.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

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Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs can be virtually anywhere. The only place they cannot live is in the continent of Antarctica. They are tiny, brown colored insects that feed on warm blooded mammals; people being their meal of choice. Bed bugs are also nocturnal, which is how they came to be known, feeding on humans as they slumber, smaller colonies stick to hiding on mattresses, headboards, box springs and bed frame. As their colony grows bigger they spread. The more there are, the more spread out they become. They can hide in tiny fixtures, behind outlet and light switch plates, behind door frames, within picture frames, tiny nooks in alarm clocks, wherever they can squirm into in furniture, closets, literally anywhere.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs have two primary needs; one is to feed on blood and the other is to find the perfect undisturbed, well secured hiding place to digest their meal. Bed bugs dislike being out in the open. They crave the tight enclosed areas. The bed bug’s mouth is very complex. Its mouth stays tucked under its body until feeding time. When their mouth comes out to feed, they have a part that acts as a saw to pierce through the skin and blood vessel, followed by another part of their mouth to inject an anesthetic and an anticoagulant. The host cannot feel the bite and the wound won’t clot, allowing a free flowing meal. Once a bed bug feeds, it swells a little and goes from a brownish color to more of a reddish color. They are unable to fly but they can crawl; and crawl quickly!

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