Onsite Bed Bug Consultation

Onsite Bed Bug Consultation, bed bug, bed bug inspection, new york, long island, bed bug dog, dog inspection, bed bug treatmentFill out the form below for a free Bed Bug Consultation. Depending on the circumstances, there may or may not be a cost associated with a bed bud inspection on the premises. If there is a cost, we will put it towards the price of the bed bug services.

Every bed bug situation is different. Most of the time, we can figure out exactly what kind of infestation you have over the phone. However, sometimes it’s necessary to make a trip to your residential or commercial space in order to evaluate the situation.

  • We will contact you and have a brief phone consultation
  • Our representative will decide if an onsite consultation or an inspection in needed
  • An appointment will be set up for an inspection or a bed bug treatment
  • One of our representatives will come out and conduct your onsite inspection or bed bug treatment

Onsite Bed Bug Consultation Form

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