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bed bug dog sniffing for bed bugsWhy are bed bug dog more accurate than humans?

Bed bug dogs have nearly 100% accuracy when used in inspections for bed bugs, with most research putting the rates above 95%.

Human visual inspection, on the other hand, is notoriously unreliable—even when conducted by professionals—because bed bugs are so good at hiding. They naturally seek out areas where eyes can’t see, even with flashlights.

There are five primary reasons bed bug dogs are accurate.

Dogs’ superior sense of smell

Dogs’ sense of smell is about a thousand times stronger than humans. We can sometimes detect a faint odor of rotten raspberries when bed bugs are present, but for dogs, the smell is overpowering.

Dogs’ natural tracking instinct

For centuries dogs have been breed to aid in hunting by tracking prey. This instinct is put to good use in many ways, such as helping to find missing persons—and helping to lead humans to bed bugs!

Specialized training

Bed bug dogs are taught to know exactly what scent they’re supposed to be tracking. They get rewarded for a job well done—which in this case is finding bed bugs.


Because of their relatively small size, dogs can go places human inspectors can’t.

Aid of professional handlers

Bed bug dogs are assisted in their work by handlers who keep them focused on the mission and know how to guide them to get the best results.

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