Bed Bug Dogs and a Good Night’s Sleep

bed bug dog
Can bed bug dogs and a good night’s sleep really go together? The idea that a living thing could come between you, your pillow, and a sound night’s sleep is a real nightmare, but bed bugs are doing just that in bedrooms across the country.

If you want to safeguard your sleeping quarters from these creepy critters, bed bug dogs can help ensure an uninterrupted night of sweet dreams, bite-free.

Sniffing Out Unwanted Bed Mates

Bed bug dogs have abilities that humans and other animals do not have when it comes to uncovering these pests, according to research conducted by the Institute for Biological Detection Systems.

Dogs are commonly used for multiple types of detection services, including bomb and drug detection, that require an exceptional sense of smell, which has resulted in increased confidence and safety in those fields.

bed bug dog trained by the bed bug inspectors

Bed Bug Dog Trained By The Bed Bug Inspectors

A dog’s extraordinary sense of smell allows them to be over 95% accurate in finding bed bugs, even when they are hiding in crevices and cracks and possibly overlooked by human inspector counterparts.

This is because dogs have the ability to separate odors and identify each of them individually, allowing them to identify bed bugs’ distinct olfactory imprint while ruling out other scents not connected with these insidious insects.

Pointing to the Evidence

Typically, when bed bug dogs find what they are looking for, they are trained to alert others by either scratching or sitting by the area where they have smelled evidence of a bed bug presence.

If the dog identifies that there is positive proof of bed bugs, or viable eggs, the next step is to bring in a licensed exterminator to take the next appropriate steps.

One main advantage of using dogs is that homeowners will understand the extent of their infestation and limit to cost of treatment to those areas. Rather than treat suspected areas, which might actually be unnecessary.

Also, the peace of mind in knowing with certainty if you do or do not have bed bugs, and taking the required action (or non-action) accordingly is priceless.

In Summary
In summarizing why you can sleep better thanks to canine bed bug inspectors, here are some points to remember:

  • Scientific research has proven that dogs have an incredible ability to sense specific odors and to understand what each odor is so as to separate them during inspections.
  • Human inspectors can only make decisions based on physical evidence whilst dogs can use olfactory evidence facilitating more thorough and conclusive proof.
  • Bed bug dogs can give homeowners, realtors, commercial property management and hoteliers the confidence that bed bug inspections will reveal accurate evidence.

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