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Bed Bugs Dogs Are Helping Many Homes

Bed bugs dogs are just like any other kind of guard dog except they are trained to hunt down and find any potential bed bugs and infestations in homes, apartments, hotels and dorms. There are many ways to describe how man’s best friend can also serve what is becoming a […]

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Learn About Bed Bug Dogs

Canine companions are not just man’s best friend; learn about bed bug dogs. They are also man’s secret weapon when it comes to winning the war on the burgeoning bed bug epidemic that has swept the nation. Across the country, more bed bug dogs are being trained to stop pests in […]

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Bed Bug Dogs and a Good Night’s Sleep

Bed Bug Dogs and a Good Night’s Sleep Can bed bug dogs and a good night’s sleep really go together? The idea that a living thing could come between you, your pillow, and a sound night’s sleep is a real nightmare, but bed bugs are doing just that in bedrooms […]

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What is a Bed Bug Dog?

Bed bugs have wreaked havoc on New York City, and infestations have moved on both domestically and abroad. In fact, some believe the bed bug problem has never been this bad. There are many residential dwellings and commercial buildings with bed bugs in New York City due to their proximity […]

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