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Bed Bug Treatment:

Things to Prepare Before the Heat Treatment

There are specific safety measures that one needs to remember during the bed bug heat treatment to make it easier for both the pest management company and oneself.

Bed bug fecal matter on a mattress

Bed bug fecal matter on a mattress

What Are These Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very persistent, difficult creatures to contend with and have become a common nuisance as they spread rapidly as people carry them from places to places. 

One must understand what attracts these pests and eliminate these attracters. Due to the cluttered conditions, it offers the bugs a lot of excellent harbourages near their human’s blood – meal hosts.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Though bed bugs aren’t dangerous, people get annoying bites, and some also get allergic reactions from the bite. For this reason it is always favourable to take precautions, after all it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Even though preventing the invasion of bed bugs and dealing with them is difficult and it is a task we all hope we do not face, yet something plenty of people deal with, all the necessary steps needs to be taken which can dislodge them from their position and kill them. 

Getting rid of bed bugs is extremely difficult, and one must in most cases seek professional help.

How Do I Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Killing them with heat is simple and effective as bed bugs are sensitive to high and low temperatures. So once the temperature rises, they would unquestionably not be able to survive the treatment. During the procedure, only the invasion site will be touched. Therefore, it will cause less energy has to be spent on the process, making it one of the best environmental friendly tactic that one can choose. 

But there are specific safety measures that one needs to remember during the treatment to make it easier for both the pest management company and oneself.

  • Draw out all the electronics from the outlets present in the area infested.
  • Shifting of furniture must be kept to a minimum, and all the belongings must be thoroughly inspected before shifting it to another place to avoid the spreading of bed bugs from one place to another.
  • It is safer to wash out all the clothes, apparels, sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and other items in hot water and later dry them and store it in trash bags and to keep it far away from the infested room until the treatment has been concluded
  • Leave items like toys, books, picture frames etc. behind for it to be exposed to the heat treatment.
  • It is permitted to remove all the items on the walls and shelves to avoid it from getting blemished
  • It is fine to leave loose clothes in the drawer
  • There must be enough free space available for the pest control management to move around.
  • Make sure no living being other than the management is present in the room while the heat treatment is being executed.
  • All flammable objects must be tightly packed and kept near the door to avoid it from being damaged
  • Food items including medications that are most likely to melt after being exposed to heat must be stored in the cooler.
  • Plants are sensitive to such treatments and need to be kept far away from the room.
  • Clean and dried items must be carefully stored in a plastic bag to prevent it from being corrupt.
  • Vacuum clothes, floor, couches, sofas, beds, chairs, recliners thoroughly room all angles and place the vacuum cleaner in a plastic bag before disposing it to avoid the slipping away of beg bugs.
  • Ward off cluttered places to make it easier for the pest control management to work. Discard all the redundant items and provide them an easy passage to all the walls and corners for scrutiny. It would be helpful if all the items are kept 18 inches away from the wall.

If one follows these measures, the work would be done more effectively and concluded swiftly making both the client as well as the contractor happy and satisfied.***


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