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Real Estate Agents Use Bed Bug Inspections:  Real estate agents have had to learn more than they ever wanted to know about bed bugs in the past several years.

With the reemergence of bed bugs as a common pest, bed bugs infestations have become real estate deal breakers. No one wants anything to do with the blood-sucking parasites.

The presence of bed bugs also could potentially invalidate home sales that have already closed.

Bed Bug Inspections

And for agents representing homeowners in renting property, it’s important to realize that bed bug infestations can cause landlords to forfeit rent owed to them.

As a result of these pitfalls, real estate agents have been increasingly relying on bed bug inspections to ensure homes are free from these dreaded insects.

Are There Bed Bugs Living Here? – Real Estate Agents Use Bed Bug Inspections

That’s a question smart homebuyers and renters are increasingly asking—and bed bug inspections provide a definitive answer.

If a home has just undergone a bed beg inspection and no bed bugs were found, that proof will satisfy prospective buyers or renters.

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If bed bugs were found, then professional pest-control specialists in bed beg removal can eradicate them and provide documentation that they’re completely gone. This step—performed by a reputable expert—is usually enough to satisfy prospective buyers or renters.

Bed Bugs Jeopardize Closed Deals – Real Estate Agents Use Bed Bug Inspections

The recent upsurge in bed bug infestations has occurred so quickly that the law is still evolving regarding what happens if a home with bed bugs is sold without the buyer knowing about them.

Bed Bug InspectionsHowever, a similar problem—undisclosed termite infestations—has caused courts to overturn sales, and there is a legitimate threat of lawsuits if bed bugs are found in a home after a transaction.

Not only does having an inspection help sell (or rent) a home, it supplies legal protection in case bed bugs do later appear.

No one can claim bed bugs were known to be present if a bed bug inspection found none. And if the inspection did find bed bugs, which were then exterminated, the homeowner and agent have evidence that no bed bugs were present at the time of the transaction and that the history of bed bugs was disclosed.

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Takeaway Point – Real Estate Agents Use Bed Bug Inspections

Smart real estate agents are realizing that a professional bed bug inspection will help sell or rent a home, as well as provide a legal defense in case bed bugs appear after the deal is closed.

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