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Can You See Bed Bugs Without Magnifying:  You walk in your kitchen one morning to find a trail of ants leading up to your counter where you accidentally left out some food.  A spider has built an incredible web in the corner of your garage and there he sits, waiting for his prey.  A cockroach skitters across the floor when you switch on the bathroom light.  These pests, and many others, are easy to spot around your home.

Can You See Bed Bugs With The Human Eye?

However, can you see bed bugs without a magnifying glass? Yes! However, bed bugs are very tiny insects, that is one of the biggest problems when it comes to an infestation.  You often won’t know you have them until you see signs of evidence, which typically means you wake up with small bites where the little parasites have been feeding on you all night.

bed bugs on skin

If you are specifically looking for them, and your eyesight is good, you should be able to see them without the need of a magnifying glass.  Just keep in mind that you need to look very closely.  They’re usually easier to see once they’ve fed, because they turn red from the blood they’ve sucked out of you or a loved one.

When they haven’t fed, they are lightly colored, almost transparent at times.  This often allows them to blend into their surroundings.

Can you see bed bugs where they live?

Bed Bug Infestation in the wall of a Brooklyn Apartment

Bed Bugs hiding in a wall crack

Bed bugs live in a variety of places.  They especially love any crevice they can find, whether that means cracks in the wall, corners of the basement, lining of your couch, or inside your mattress.  One of the reasons why they are so difficult to see, in addition to their size, is because of where they choose to live and hide.

Can you see bed bugs well enough to remove them?

Even if you can see bed bugs with your 20/20 vision, you can’t expect to see them all.  Bed bugs hide in crevices and corners, so when you go hunting for them, it is important that you don’t rely on your naked eyes in order to find them.

Instead, grab a magnifying glass, in addition to a flashlight, as needed, and scour your entire house for the little bugs.  Only by being meticulous can you expect to find them, with or without your bare eyes.


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