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What Makes Bed Bug Dogs Different. One of the growing movements in the bed bug inspection industry is the use of bed bug dogs, now proven to be a highly effective means of confirming the presence and specific locations of bed bugs within a structure. Here we’ll uncover the specific reasons why bed bug dogs have an extreme advantage over alternative detection methods.

Bed Bug Dogs Businesses Boom

As bed bug dogs around the U.S. dutifully succeed with their field task of identifying these intrepid insects, throngs of media reports have followed suit detailing how the specialized sniffers on “man’s best friend” are helping to fight – and win – the war on bed bugs. One article entitled, “Canine Nose Knows Bed bugs,” proffers some fundamental information about how these highly trained dogs are able to uncover bed bugs and their eggs so accurately. What Makes Bed Bug Dogs Different

The article relates the story of two women who started up their own bed bug-sniffing beagle business, explaining their interest in making sure their college daughters dorm rooms were free of bed bugs and recognizing the need for a more effective type of inspection service.

After looking into services that trained dogs to detect bed bugs, it was revealed that a dog’s keen sense of smell allows them to detect the distinctive odor of bed bugs and their eggs far beyond the olfactory ability of humans. One of the owner’s had her beagle, Marley, trained for bed bug detection and also certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association based in Seminole, Florida.

The article also discussed how this beagle was trained to sniff out the pheromones of living bed bugs and viable eggs, with the story noting, “’Trained scent-detection dogs are proven to be 98-percent effective in detecting live bed bugs as well as their eggs,’ according to a brochure for Four Paws. ‘This is compared to only a 17- to 30-percent accuracy rate by even the most trained exterminators.’”

How Bed Bug Dogs Work

bed bugs dog sniffing for bed bugsThe article also described how this beagle works to quickly uncover all the places where bed bugs might be hiding in a way that is faster than any human inspector:

“[A handler] will lead her on her leash clockwise around a room. If Marley gets a ‘hit,’ meaning she smells those bed-bug phero-mones, she’s trained to tap the place with her paw.”

Prices vary for inspection from bed bug dogs, but it’s always money well spent to confirm an infestation at the earliest possible stage and also accurately uncover each and every area of a property that bed bugs may be nestled into. Being overly frugal with the inspection process can prove to be penny-wise but pound foolish.

In Summary – What Makes Bed Bug Dogs Different

The key points in this blog post are:

  • Bed bug dogs have a scientifically proven more effective sense of smell than human beings so that they can detect specific odors like those given off by bed bugs.
  • Bed bug dogs are trained specifically to sniff out all hidden areas where bed bugs might be and do so quickly and effectively.
  • While considered more expensive than a human inspector, the fact that they are more accurate makes them a wise investment.

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