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When Do Bed Bugs Come Out?

Have you ever woken up from sleeping to find yourself scratching all over? Especially since you never felt a thing at night, and now you have these red bumps all over you. These weird rashes or bites are that of a bed bug.

an adult bed bug on skin

If you have doubts because you never felt a bite, you should know this is how bed bugs bite.  The reason you have never seen them is that they have very fixed schedules and do not usually come out at other times.

When Do Bed Bugs Come Out?

Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal, but they do come out at other times as well. It is rare to see them during the daytime, but not impossible. However, usually at night is when bed bugs come out to feast. They are most active during the hours of 1 am to 5 am. This is the most likely time for them to find humans asleep, and the perfect time to feed on their prey.

Bed Bugs Daytime Routine

Bed bugs are not programmed to come out at night, they just do it because it is easy for them to feed at those times. This means they only come out during the day if they think they will find a meal. Their eating behavior and diet are very similar to humans if you look at their routines.


Bed bugs come out to eat regardless of the time of day if they are hungry.

The Bed Bug Inspectors


Keeping the Night Lights On

This is not going to help much. Mainly because bed bugs are not programmed to come out at night, but only do so to be able to feed. So even if you change your routine of sleep, they will adjust to it. If you keep the lights on, they will still come out to feed on you if they are hungry.

If the infestation is severe, and there are lots in numbers, keeping the light on will not help at all. They will eventually feel hungry and come out all at once. They will always prefer darker places to lighter ones though.

How Long Do Bed Bugs Stay Out?

As long as it takes for them to complete a meal. Bed bugs always go for the closest skin they can find because they want to be done as soon as possible. Their primary goal is to feed without getting caught, so they do their jobs quickly and go back. Once they find the skin, they start by piercing it and sucking out the blood.


A complete blood meal for a bed bug takes about 10 minutes.

The Bed Bug Inspectors


Unless you’ve never checked your home and furniture properly or have it checked out by professionals, you can never say for sure that you do not have bed bugs. You might have overlooked a bite or never felt it.

Maybe you have not even been bitten. But that still does not ensure it. This is because bed bugs do not come out to feed every single day. They take turns feeding and have periods of gaps before they decide to come out again and feast on you.

bed bugs bites on skin

Bed Bug Bites

So, try to keep a watch out at night, clear your sheets and mattress, and have proper checks. Call up exterminators if you are unsure since they will surely be able to find out. It is of high importance that you get these checked.

We always recommend that you contact professionals as it is tough ever fully to get rid of these vermin, and pretty impossible on one’s own. Professional help can help you eliminate them once and for all so you can sleep in peace.***

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