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What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

You’ve likely heard of bed bugs but aren’t quite sure what they are. You may have heard about them in the hotel rooms but didn’t realize that they could also be found in your home.

When an exterminator is looking for bed bugs, they are trying to identify the adult bed bug, which is about ¼ inch in length. Their body is oval and flat from the top to the bottom. They can appear in almost a transparent color to a deep dark red after feeding.

The host is usually the darkest one in color. They also plump up once they have eaten. You’ll sometimes find cast skin of some of them lying around.

They don’t have wings, and they feed on warm-blooded animals. They evolve from nest parasites. Some inhabit bird nests, while some still prefer to live in homes.

The Problem with Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed bugs are most active at night. This is when they start seeking a host. They only need to sip a few drops of blood before reverting back to where they were. Almost 50% of people become sensitive to their saliva. If you haven’t identified a bed bug problem but one exists, it could become problematic.

The person being bitten could experience an allergic reaction. The bite of a bed bug could very easy resemble the bite of something else. This is why it often goes undetected.

This is also what makes it hard to identify an infestation of bed bugs. If the person who actually has them doesn’t know they have them, they will not seek the help they need.

If bitten by bed bugs, the person shouldn’t continue scratching as this could irritate the problem further and cause a secondary infection. A physician with corticosteroids and antihistamines can treat bed bug bites. These will help to reduce the duration of the reaction.

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Bed Bug on Carpet

Why Do I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs are few of the most common insects that happen to infest homes. It is a common question as to what exactly causes these bugs to infest a house. 

Even though people often complain of these pests, it is important to note that they are drastically less in number when compared to ancient times. This is primarily because of the use of DDT by people in their homes.

Hygiene Doesn’t Really Play A Role

Irrespective of what you have heard, bed bugs do not infest your house because it is dirty. If they find some source that quenches their thirst for blood, they are not going to bother about the hygiene quotient of your house. 

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. However, if the community is impoverished, then they may not have the resources to deal with them.

They Are Great At Hitchhiking

These bugs are often known to be hitchhikers because they enter your homes by riding luggage or with other people. If you or your guest has stayed at a hotel that is infested with bed bugs, then there are high chances that they will travel home with you and infest your place too. Sometimes they infest places like movie halls and may travel home with your handbag.

They Prefer Spots With A Good Count of Human

While it may sound too obvious, bed bugs often infest places that have a huge human population as this makes it a lot simpler for them to feed on blood. They infest places like military barracks, hotels, apartments, shelters and the like.

They Love Clutter

These pests are extremely fond of clutter as it allows them to hide quickly. They hide behind baseboards, inside switches, behind loose wallpapers, etc. 

If your home is extremely cluttered, you are only providing an easy route for infestation as it becomes all the easier for them to hide behind things.

These bugs can enter from almost anywhere including trains, motels, buses, old taxis, college dorms, nursing homes and a lot more places.

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Public Transportation May Lead To An Infestation

If you or any of your family members are frequent travelers by public transportation and use the bus or taxis, then you may be inviting bed bugs home. 

This may be from the old cushion seats or the cluttered engines. It is best to be extremely careful while using such transportation facilities as they may cause more damage than expected.

Your Neighbors May Be Causing Trouble

When your neighbor visits your newly made home and leaves, she brings more than presents. Have you wondered why a brand new house has bed bugs? 

This may be because your neighbor has them and carries them along with her to your home while visiting. This is a common route for the pests to enter and infest.

These bugs are also known for surviving with ease due to which they have no problem in traveling for long durations.

Therefore, several routes can be mapped to the infestation in your house. The best thing to do is avoid clutter because this prevents them from having too many places to hide. 

Also, take care that none of these pests infests your house because you visited an infested room at a hotel or because you travel by bus. If you already have an infestation, then the best thing to do is to call your local pest control company and let the professionals handle the problem.

While the number of infestations caused by this pest is low, they still seem to have us humans in knots when it comes to dealing with them.


“If you already have an infestation, then the best thing to do is to call your local pest control company and let the professionals handle the problem.”

The Bed Bug Inspectors


Get Professional Help

A certified bed bug exterminator in NYC will be able to treat the problem for you effectively. The problem bed bugs in Manhattan and its surrounding areas are that they aren’t easy to identify. This is why it is important to contact The Bed Bug Inspectors in Manhattan.

With our qualified bed bug exterminators in Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan will effectively inspect the problem, even if you’re unsure that the problem is actually a bed bug infestation.

When there are bed bugs, Bronx residents are aware that the problem could become widespread and become an even bigger problem. It requires that everyone gets involved and do their part in keeping the problem contained. Act quickly to rid yourself of a bed bug infestation.

When it comes to bed bugs; detection is the key to eliminating the problem. You’ll also need to how to effectively treat bed bugs. Heat treatment is an effective approach that our bed bug inspectors use. This helps to rid you of your problem completely and doesn’t allow any to linger thus causing you any problems later. Relying on a qualified bed bug exterminator in NYC is important to make sure the job is done right.***

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