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Why No One Is Safe from NYC Bed Bugs

Your apartment is immaculate. You don’t leave a single crumb on the counter. Your belongings are clean, and you spend a fortune on cleaning products and services. There’s no possible way you could get bed bugs, right?

apartment building

Wrong. Bed bugs don’t discriminate, and it’s frighteningly easy to bring bed bugs into even the cleanest of situations.

New York City has a massive population which makes it all too likely that you will bring an infestation home.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small creatures that feed on human blood while people are usually asleep. A few bed bugs facts:

  • About a quarter of an inch long
  • Oval-shaped and flat
  • Reddish-brown in color
  • Females produce up to 7 eggs a week
  • Females can lay up to 500 in a lifetime
  • Bed bugs seek shelter in cracks on your bed
  • They can live for over a year without eating


Bed Bugs can be found everywhere and in the cleanest of homes.


How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs jump from person to person, and can be picked up from somewhere you didn’t even know has bed bugs. Common areas or hiding spots for bed bugs include hotels, public transportation, movie theaters, and restaurants. You could even get bed bugs sitting on the waiting room chair at your doctor’s office!

The moral of the story is that bed bugs are painfully easy to acquire. You don’t have to lack cleanliness or visit the dirtiest of establishments to find them – they are everywhere!

adult bed bug

Bed Bug

Signs of NYC Bed Bugs

If you have a bed bug infestation, you might wake up covered in small, itchy red bites. They can leave blood spots on your bedding, which is their excrement near the locations where they feed and hide.


While bed bugs don’t transmit disease, their bites can be incredibly painful and itchy.


You can also develop a secondary infection if the bites become dirty or broken.

When searching for bed bugs, look in the tiny crevices of your bed, as well as in the walls of the room. Search the pleats of your curtains, beneath loose wallpaper, or even behind electrical outlets. Any crack or crevice can be the home to hundreds of bed bugs.

You may need to wait until it gets dark and shine your flashlight on your bedding so that you can see these pests wandering around. This can be unpleasant to look at but is the only telltale way of identifying an infestation.

bed bug fecal stains on a mattress

Bed bug fecal matter on a mattress

How to Get Rid of NYC Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, insecticides don’t work on bed bugs. This is because bed bugs have no grooming behaviors. They don’t clean themselves, like roaches or flies, so they won’t ingest insecticide that they pick up on their exoskeletons.

Contact a licensed pest control professional instead. These individuals use advanced and sophisticated methods of identification, removal, and prevention. For example, many now have dogs that are trained to smell and detect bed bugs. These accredited organizations are often the most skilled at weeding out infestations.

Once an infestation has been found, work with the pest management company to eliminate the infestation and prevent it from coming back.


If you live in an apartment or another rented unit, it may be the responsibility of your landlord to remove the infestation.


You may need to discard your mattress or bedding to remove the pests fully. Often heat treatment is required to fully remove an infestation. Make sure you consult with a pest control professional to find out the best and most realistic options for you.***

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