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“This firm came highly recommended by my building’s exterminator. They crew was on time, professional, and polite.Answered a bunch of questions as well.Also, this is a legit, independent service — i.e., they don’t make more money if they magically find bugs and get refer you to an exterminator. They are very much in the business of helping you get rid of the bugs.Not only was the inspection thorough but the rate was competitive (I called around).”

“(I’m now living in a post bed bug apartment… you can win this)”

Jason H.

“Very helpful and informative. Got back to us right away after calling for an inspection. Thanks!”

Erika R.

“BBI was terrific. They were professional throughout our bedbug trauma/drama, assisting us with products, inspections and advice. I called a number of times, and found them to be patient and thorough at every turn. When we opted to move (for more room), they also performed a discreet inspection of our new apartment with their dog, which put us both at ease. Given all that we went through, it is amazing to finally be settled and bug free.”


“It was a few weeks ago that The Bed Bug Inspectors (Oscar and Cruiser) came to our house, and (so very) thankfully, Cruiser didn’t find anything. I wanted to thank all of you for your fantastic customer service on both sides. You were all extremely friendly and helpful and down to earth and it made a big difference in the few days that we were freaking out over the bed bug scare. So I just wanted to say a big thank you again. I hope we never have another scare, but if we do, I know who we’ll call! Please also give Cruiser a big squeeze for me. He was sweet as pie.”


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