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Don’t blame the housekeeping or poor hygiene for the bed bug infestation in your premises. These pesky pests are hitchhikers and can land in your bed or furniture despite all the care and cleaning in the world. Before you throw away your bedroom stuff and burn those infested bed covers, give our expert bed bug exterminators a call, and we will perform professional bed bug removal service making sure no bug is lurking in your beds, drawers or furniture anymore. 

Call in the trained bed bug exterminators of Pest Control Queens, NY for expert bed bug inspection and removal. We employ bed bug heat treatment and bed bug steam treatment to offer an efficient and satisfactory bed bug extermination.

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Common Signs of Bed Bugs in Queens

  • Rashes on arms and legs, sometimes leading to allergic reactions 
  • Blood stains on mattress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Itchiness
  • Bite marks during the 14 days of being bitten.

Bed bugs often hide in the seams and under the mattress. They look like brownish red dots and can only be identified by a magnifying glass. You may contract bed bugs from train or bus seats, hotel chairs or movie theatres. From there, they reach your house and start feeling at home in your snug bed and your comfy sofas. They get folded in sheet and clothes and thus reach your drawers and everywhere else around the house.

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Professional Bed Bug Treatments

Our bed bug removal and prevention plans include an integrated bed bug heat and steam treatment program:

  • Bed bug steam treatment aims at bedbug removal from mattress, box spring, bed frames, stands, armoires, carpets, etc.
  • Bed bug heat treatment targets the major and minor cracks and crevices in the property, wall voids, cracked ceilings, etc.
  • Aerosol treatment, for bedbug removal from items sensitive to moisture such as books and artwork.

For prevention, we offer the installation of an affordable encasement system for securing your bedding future bed bug invasions.


What People Are Saying

The Bed Bug Inspectors offered us everything we wanted, affordable rates, responsive and effective service. I recommend you call them the moment you notice a problem. They’re the BEST!
Adam Ball


They detected that we had bed bugs very quickly and began treating them right away. Thank you
Karlyn Nader

Brooklyn, NY

Getting rid of bed bugs can be hard. We know because we have tried everything. Finally, we broke down and contacted a bed bug exterminator to help with our bed bug removal. We haven’t seen any sign of them since they treated our home.
Margarito Covin

Queens, NY

The Bed Bug Inspectors were able to stop the bed bug infestation that we had in our house. I would recommend their services
Brandy Sharp

Nassau County, Long Island, NYC

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