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Bed Bug Dog Inspections & Visual Inspections

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

When conducting K9 inspections, our team consists of a dog and a handler.Not only are our dogs extraordinary at finding the bed bugs and their eggs (95% accuracy), but our handlers have extensive training in conducting a visual inspection of their own. 


Both handler and canine have received training from the masters, and have been utilizing their skills and talents to inspect residential spaces for common and unique challenges bed bugs have to offer.

Expert Visual Inspection

Our inspections begin with a visual examination from one of our qualified exterminators. They will start with a visual or bed bug dog inspection to understand the size of the bed bug infestation.

Once the bed bugs have been accounted for, pest control experts step in and eradicate them. They will follow the established protocols to ensure that your home is a bedbug-free space.​

We offer a wide variety of bed bug treatment options. Our bed bug exterminators will take into consideration both your health and your budget to provide the best bed bug treatment.

Residential & Commercial Bed Bug Services

Residential Bed Bug Extermination

If you suspect there’s a bed bug infestation in your home, our team conducts a very thorough and meticulous inspection to find where all nests and bed bugs have spread through.

Our bed bug exterminators will ask you if you have seen any bed bugs or if you have been bitten. They will proceed to the master bedroom and will check the wall and ceiling junctions for any evidence of a bed bug infestation. They will also pull the bed away from the wall and pull up the sheets to check on the ribbing of the mattress looking for spotting or bedbugs groupings. They will proceed with the same protocol in the living room and the rest of the house.

Once the bed bugs have been accounted for, our exterminator step in and eradicate them. They will follow the established protocols to ensure that your home is a bedbug-free space. At the end of the treatment they will inspect all surfaces looking for residues. We also offer monitoring services for as long as you feel comfortable to ensure they do not creep back into your home.

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminators

Bed bugs are a nightmare for businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector. When your business gets a reputation for bed bugs it could present a great hardship on your success.

If your business is prone to bed bug infestations, investing in a routine monitoring service might be what you need to ensure they do not come in. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, call on the experts at The Bed Bug Inspectors to ensure all bed bugs are found for efficient disposal.

Property Management

We offer bed bug consultations, inspections, and services for property managers looking to keep the buildings they run bed bug free.

You don’t want a bed bug infestation in your apartment building or commercial space.

We can talk to you about what problem you are experiencing with bed bugs and discuss what we can do to help.

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