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The Bed Bug Inspectors offers commercial bed bug services, whether it’s an apartment buildingoffice spaceretail facilityhotel, or healthcare facility.

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Bed bugs can easily overwhelm apartment buildings quickly. Being tiny and nocturnal, bed bugs can go undetected for a time and can spread rapidly.

Apartments can be overwhelmed in outbreaks, and multiple tenants can be afflicted. If such an occurrence happens, you will be happy to find that The Bed Bug Inspectors are on your side to ensure the bed bug infestation is obliterated.

Office Spaces

Bed bugs are on the rise. Being deemed an epidemic, bed bug populations have increased, inflicting homes and businesses alike, and office spaces are no exception.

The Bed Bug Inspectors Bed Bug inspection for office spaces have been expertly trained and certified through NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) to provide quality bed bug inspections on your office space. We are home based in New York and happily serve the locals and surrounding areas.

Retail Spaces

When one thinks bed bugs, your first thought is not about their presence being inside a retail shop. But alas, bed bugs are tiny and easily transported from place to place on an unsuspecting person.

They can hitch a ride in the folds of people’s clothing, through carry-ons like purses or briefcases; or virtually anything. Being that bed bugs enjoy feeding on the blood of humans, public service businesses like retail shops, are susceptible to infestations.

The great news in the battle on bed bugs is The Bed Bug Inspectors. Our professionals are masterfully trained and certified to thoroughly inspect commercial buildings, including retail facilities for bed bugs.

Healthcare Spaces

Whether your healthcare facility is a hospital, medical office, dentist office, or clinics, you can have bed bug infestations that spread rapidly. Bed bugs are very transient insects, and after they have been inadvertently relocated, they can increase their population quicker than you might realize.

They are apple-seed sized insects that feed on the blood of warm blooded mammals, with humans being their favorite delicacy. Being able to hitch a ride on luggage, hidden on the folds of people’s clothing, or simply in a purse or briefcase, bed bugs can easily slip into any healthcare facility undetected.

Hotels & Motels

With our team conducting a bed bug inspection on your hotel or motel, our canines can quickly and efficiently scour each room with meticulous detail to locate bed bugs and their eggs.

The rooms are adequately inspected without having to disturb furniture or pulling carpets, door frames or baseboards. Our dogs can sniff through such locations without hardship to avoid upsetting the hotel or motel energy and smooth operation. The Bed Bug Inspectors team is also discrete when providing our service.

The Bed Bug Inspectors is based in New York. We proudly service surrounding areas and are also happy to provide services throughout the globe. We are eager to travel to provide bed bug inspection services to your hotel, motel or other lodging facility.

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