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We Are Long Island Bed Bug Removal Experts

The Bed Bug Exterminators are the right company to engage when you want the best bed bug solutions in Long Island. Bed bugs are prevalent in almost every resident in Nassau and Suffolk County. The problem of having a bed bug infestation is that you can’t just watch and wait for them to disappear. Doing this will be giving the pests more time to multiply. You can, however, get rid of these nagging pests by engaging a professional comapny like ours.

Our company has all the necessary expertise of removing bed bugs from your home or business. We are without a doubt the best bed bug exterminator in the area for with bed bug dog inspections and full on extermination. When you engage us, your bed bug problem will be solved, and you wouldn’t have to spend sleepless nights anymore worrying about a re-infestation. 

Effect of Bed Bugs

The most apparent effect of bed bugs is biting on you as you sleep during the night. This causes the development of red lesions on your skin, and it may also result in inflammation. A bed bug extermination can also cause costly damage to you as you may be required to replace all your upholstery and other items in the house. You are likely to incur these exorbitant costs when you engage an exterminator that is not well conversant with bed bug control.

Such an exterminator will also use the inorganic pesticides that end up compromising your health safety as they are non-biodegradable. For this reason, you require engaging experienced exterminators such as The Bed Bug Inspectors. We have all the necessary equipment in control of bed bugs, and we also apply sophisticated modern techniques such as bed bug steam treatment.

Thorough Bed Bugs Inspections

This is one of the hardest bit for anyone; exterminators and clients alike. This is because bed bugs are animals that are difficult to locate as they know how to conceal their presence. In the day, it’s uncommon to identify a bed bug unless they exist in enormous numbers. During the night, it’s not easy to identify them either as they only come out to suck blood from sleeping, humans. They will immediately hide once they detect your movements.

Having been in the control industry for a considerably extended period, we can quickly detect a bed bug infestation by applying our long-term experience acquired in the field. We do not like taking chances in our inspection as we know the amount of money that a poor inspection can cost you. We, therefore, use our trained and experienced sniffing dogs that are capable of detecting the presence of bed bugs easily. The dogs will aid in pinpointing the specific areas where the bugs are hiding. 

When bed bugs bite you, you shouldn’t hesitate to engage our bed bug exterminator Long Island as this is a clear sign of an infestation. We’ll ascertain the presence of the infestation through our comprehensive inspection and exterminate the bed bugs Long Island.

Heat treatments

In Long Island, many bed bugs exterminators use different techniques of control. Unfortunately, most of these methods are not sufficiently useful in the extermination of the pests. Through our comprehensive research and experience, we’ve come to realize that the most efficient way of treating a bed bug attack is through heat treatment.

We have tried and tested heat machines that we use to expel the pests from your home. This technique is very effective as it kills all the bed bugs present together with their eggs. Another primary merit of the method is that its application is safe for your family unlike the use of inorganic pesticides that compromise your health safety.

Long Island’s #1 Bed Bug Company

If you have been looking for an efficient and reliable bed bug exterminator in Long Island, look no further than The Bed Bug Inspectors. We provide the most cost-effective pest control solutions that are effective and safe. We just require you to go ahead and give us a call whenever you are encountered with any pest problem, and we will quickly organize a visit. Once we set up an extermination date, you can sit back and relax as your bed bug problem is as good as solved.