Can gyms also be infested by bed bugs?

Many homeowners are well-versed in what to look for when hunting for bed bugs, and that’s definitely a good thing. Unfortunately, a great number of us don’t think about coming into contact with bed bugs outside of our home, and this could inadvertently cause issues at our own home in the event that they are able to hitch a ride back to where you live.

Bed bugs can be anywhere. They can be in public transportation, clothing stores, or even restaurants.

But can bed bugs infest gyms, too?

The unfortunate answer is, yes. Yes, they can.

Bed bugs love to hitch a ride

These little parasites that cause so much trouble to homeowners don’t seem to like staying in one place. Whenever they’re given the chance, they will find their way into suitcases, backpacks, or anything else they can think of. This actually isn’t a conscious decision. It’s not as if they know you’re going out into the real world and they want to see the sights. Bed bugs in NYC are simply looking for places to hide, sleep, etc., so they crawl inside. And when they wake up, they’re in a completely different place.

Gym bags offer the perfect mode of transportation

bed bugs and there eggsA big reason that bed bugs in NYC can be found in gyms is due to gym bags. At home, many of us keep gym bags packed with what we’ll need while working out, doing aerobics, or whatever else we enjoy. We typically don’t check our bags for insects every time we leave the house. If there is a bed bug or two inside, there’s a good chance that the insect will get out of your bag and into the gym. And with so many people bringing in gym bags, it doesn’t take long before an infestation has occurred.

Prevention is an easy task

If you want to avoid an infestation connection between your home and gym, it’s easy. First, make sure you check for any bed bugs in your gym bag before leaving the house. Don’t just poke around inside. Remove everything from within the bag, and inspect both the interior and the specific contents. Second, once you’re in the gym, be sure to do the same thing before you leave. Bed bugs in NYC can just as easily hitch a ride into your home as they can when they want to leave it.

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