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History of bed bugs

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Many people assume that a bed bug is not a big issue any more and they are less of a problem than they have been in the past but that is just not the truth. In the last ten years bed bugs have made a big comeback and are even stronger and more resistant to treatment than ever before.

While the most effective chemicals were banned some time ago, many pest control companies today have had to change up the treatments in their chemical line to stronger, more potent options. Bed bugs did not just come to be; they have been linked all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

The Bed Bug Inspector outlines the history of bed bugs; when they were the worst and where they came from.

They were brought over to the United States when colonists started to come over and set up their new life. Bed bug control methods were mediocre and were in no way good enough to eliminate them so bed bugs multiplied and became an ever bigger, more wide spread problem.

Why Were Bed Bugs So Bad in the Past:

The biggest issue was that people were not using washing machines and cleaning with chemicals that killed off bacteria from surfaces. That meant that the bed bugs could attach to cloth and continue to feed on the human hosts night after night.

When Did Bed Bugs Get Under Control:

When the development of mechanical washing machines and indoor air conditioning made it so that people kept their home, clothing and bedding cleaner and more sanitized is when we started to see a decline in bed bugs. People also began to use vacuum cleaners. This made it harder for bed bugs to stay hidden. Most importantly, strong and effective chemicals were used that nearly completely wiped out bed bugs. When the 1950’s hit bed bugs were at an all-time low and many experts believe they were almost completely eradicated.

When Did Bed Bugs Come Back?

Although the 50’s were a great time for the eradication of bed bugs they were not completely gone. The reports of bed bugs dwindled way down until about the 90’s when travel became much more popular and more convenient for people.

Travel season still to this day is the most active time for bed bugs to start an infestation. With people so close together and from all areas of the world they are bound to transfer these tiny pests to one another. This are also the times that people stay in hotel or motel rooms where a new person from a different area of the world with bed bugs could have stayed the night before. With the strongest chemicals banned, bed bugs became less and less resistant to the typical chemicals used.

Pest control companies like The Bed Bug Inspectors often recommends killing bed bugs with heat (bed bug heat treatments) that involve minimum preparation and inconvenience as well as preventive products and maintenance visits to help avoid future bed bug infestations.

Why the Comeback? – How Bed Bugs Returned To US

The facts about bed bugs’ resurgence aren’t exactly known, but several causes are commonly credited with leading to their return:

  • Governmental bans on non-commercial use of DDT and other effective pesticides
  • Bed bugs’ growing resistance to commonly used pesticides
  • Complacency of prevention efforts as people forgot the facts about bed bugs and how to keep them out of a home
  •  Increased international travel from countries where bed bugs remained a problem during the latter half of the 20th century.

Bed Bugs in NYC: Where to find them

New York City is one of the most exciting places to be, providing its guests with a variety of shows, restaurants and glamorous hotels to stay in. Thousands of guests flow into the city every year to enjoy these amenities and get a taste of the Big Apple.

Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed Bugs Infestation

People are not the only guests that are booking rooms in New York City hotels, bed bugs are on the rise and their presence is continuing to increase almost by the day. Reports of bed bugs in NYC hotels have increased nearly 50% since this time last year!

Bed Bug Populations Will Continue to Increase if Infestations are Not Treated Properly

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of due to their resilience and ability to hide extremely well from the human eye. Bed bugs are excellent at latching onto luggage, clothing and other objects, as if they were hitching a ride to the next hotel or even worse, your very own home.

Luggage is actually one of the most common vehicles used by bed bugs to move to a new location and begin feasting on a fresh host.

Bed bugs have been seen or felt in 176 of the 272 hotels that are members of the hotel association of NYC. With all of the traveling that occurs here in the city it is no surprise how fast and vast these pests have spread.


Bed Bug Infestations in Urban Environments

Many people associate bed bugs with one star hotels or run down motels that do not keep their rooms up to appropriate standards. Unfortunately this is not the case; bed bugs have been reported at the Waldorf Astoria, The Millennium Hilton and the New York Marriot Marquis.

If you think that you can avoid coming into contact with bed bugs by booking at a fancier joint, you are mistaken. Bed bugs will get into any establishment given the opportunity and this causes big problems for hotels that have a reputation of cleanliness, prestige and the highest standards to uphold.

There is only one answer when it comes to eliminating bed bugs and that is The Bed Bug Inspectors. We are skilled and experienced when it comes to locating and destroying the bed bugs that are in your establishment or home. Contact The Bed Bug Inspectors today to eliminate the presence of bed bugs in your home or business.

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