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Canine Bed Bug Inspection Accuracy Westchester:  Man’s best friend has been joining the workforce for quite some time. Assisting on hunting expeditions, fighting fires, police enforcement, TSA, military, special needs and even found on the big screen doing what they do best. Dogs are truly an asset to any family and business. Canines are now taking their part in pest control. Being utilized to detect bed bugs and their eggs.

The Bed Bug Inspectors share some facts about canine bed bug dog contributions and some of the benefits as to why they are an exceptional partner in eradicating bed bugs.

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Interesting Facts Concerning Canine Bed Bug Detection – Canine Bed Bug Inspection Accuracy Westchester

– Dogs are extraordinarily trained. They are 97% accurate in sniffing detection, as opposed to the 30% in a human’s visual findings.
– Bed bugs have 5 stages of development; all of which a dog can sniff out. The bed bug itself ranges in length from the size of a sesame seed as a bed bug egg, to a mere 1/4″ long as an adult. Excellent participants in hide and go seek, having the pooch involved does the legwork, in rapid timing.
– Trained dogs can find living bugs or eggs within minutes. Searching for bed bugs on without the aid of a loyal companion leads to hours of looking under floorboards, ripping apart furniture, excavating any places for the tiny intruder to lurk in.
– From 2000-2005, bed bug infestations have increased substantially.
– Lodging establishments and residential structures are generally most likely to be infested, using the certified, trained dog, bed bugs are quickly discovered and then treated for termination.
– With several training facilities across the U.S., many dogs are rescued from shelters to become bud bug inspectors.
– Breeds are selected with those having energetic and higher sense of smell attributes. Those breeds usually include Blood Hounds, Beagles, Border Collies Jack Russell Terriers, Labradors, and Australian Shepherd dogs.
– Smaller breeds are optimal to help make the process more comfortable for those with aversions to dogs. They are easier to transport and simple to carry if needed.
– Optimally, training is done between 6-12 months of age, but since the canines are rescued, older dogs are also trained between 800-1000 hours before they are eligible for certification.
– Being taught special commands, training is done in faux motel rooms in a facility.
– After intense training in normal hiding places bedbugs settle into, along with love and affection, they are then tested and certified.

Benefits of Working with Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

1. Dogs are expertly trained to locate bed bugs far quicker than any human who also has the knowledge and training to find bed bugs.
2. Bed bugs are quickly discovered in cluttered rooms by the bed bug sniffing dogs. Avoiding cleanup and relocating any potential hitchhikers.
3. The Bed Bug Dog Inspectors can discover if the infestation is isolated to one room or if it has spread throughout multiple rooms or even elsewhere on the property.

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