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The Bed Bug Inspectors are based in New York City, our home, and we travel wherever we are needed. Accumulating decades of experience, whether you need a bed bug inspection, a bed bug treatment, or bed bug removal, we are the team of bed bug exterminators in NYC you can rely on. 

Our dogs are NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association) trained and certified, and are proven to be 95% efficient in locating live bed bugs and their eggs. Our company is unbiased and will give you a full, accurate inspection throughout your home or business.

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Steps to Prevent Bed Bugs in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Bed bugs can be found in just about any residential setting, but nursing homes and assisted living facilities remain a prime target for these itch-inducing pests.  This is largely because any...

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Bed Bugs and Dirty Laundry

Are Bed Bugs Attracted to Your Dirty Laundry? Scientists are discovering that bed bugs are attracted to dirty laundry just as commonly as they are attracted to beds. It seems as though, in recent years, bed bugs have become increasingly common in the United States....

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Bed Bug Detection on Airplanes

How to Detect Bed Bugs on Your Airplane Seat You already pay some hefty amount to travel via air, and you definitely do not want to be bitten by bugs when you are above the clouds. Here are some tips to detect bed bugs on airplanes. Bed bugs are one of the most...

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Bed Bug vs. Carpet Beetle

Bed Bug vs. Carpet Beetle: Know Their Differences When you cannot identify the pest, you do not know what measures or precautions to take, or how to cure itches or rashes left by the critters. Pests are an inevitable...

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What People Are Saying

The Bed Bug Inspectors offered us everything we wanted, affordable rates, responsive and effective service. I recommend you call them the moment you notice a problem. They’re the BEST!
Adam Ball


They detected that we had bed bugs very quickly and began treating them right away. Thank you
Karlyn Nader

Brooklyn, NY

Getting rid of bed bugs can be hard. We know because we have tried everything. Finally, we broke down and contacted a bed bug exterminator to help with our bed bug removal. We haven’t seen any sign of them since they treated our home.
Margarito Covin

Queens, NY

The Bed Bug Inspectors were able to stop the bed bug infestation that we had in our house. I would recommend their services
Brandy Sharp

Nassau County, Long Island, NYC

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