Steps to Take If You Suspect a Bed Bug Infestation

There are several ways in which you can find out about bed bug infestation without having to contact your local pest control. These ways include looking for signs of bed bugs at home. Let us try to have a look at these signs of infestation.

You may have heard about bed bugs infestation problems throughout New York City in recent years and may be wondering if this is still an issue.

A Terminix survey reported on in numerous media outlets, including The Independent out of the UK, found that bed bugs infestation most definitely remains a problem for New Yorkers and for those who travel into the region from around the globe.

NYC Bed Bugs Infestation Problem

In looking at the list compiled by Terminix as shown below, New York still holds the dubious distinction as “the United States’ most bed-bug infested city” for the second consecutive year. According to the report, here are the 2016 most bed bug-infested cities:

1. Detroit, Mich.
2. Philadelphia, Pa.
3. Cleveland-Akron, Ohio
4. Los Angeles, Calif.
5. Dayton, Ohio
6. Chicago, Ill.
7. Columbus, Ohio
8. Cincinnati, Ohio
9. Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas
10. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, Calif.
11. Denver, Colo.
12. Toledo, Ohio
13. Oklahoma City, OK
14. Baltimore, Md.
15. New York, N.Y.

Solutions for NYC Bed Bugs Infestation Problem

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg quickly realized the extent of bad publicity that his city was getting so he has worked with other area organizations on a strategy to stop the problem from spreading. This has included:

  • Working with local hotels, businesses, and landlords
  • Launching a website – to help these commercial groups and educate residents and consumers

Some other solutions recommended to stem New York’s bed bug program include:

  • Using a bed bug dog inspection company to locate any potential infestations
  • Trying new gadgets like an electronic bed bug detector
  • Regularly checking hotel, apartment, condo, and dorm sheets and mattresses for spots and other tell-tale signs of bed bugs
  • Continually inspecting structural areas where bed bugs are known to breed and live
  • Hanging clothes in closets or leaving them inside luggage in plastic bags when traveling
  • Utilizing bed bug-specific mattress liners
  • Washing clothes, bedding and appropriate décor in boiling water
  • Reporting any problems immediately to stop the spread, especially when living in close quarters as many do in New York City

bed bug

Bed Bug Facts: Are Bed Bugs Visible to the Naked Eye?

Have you noticed a bite on your arm or leg? Are you suspecting bed bugs? Then how do you know for sure that your house is infested with bed bugs?

You must have realized that it is next to impossible to spot bed bugs in your house. Most people have no clue of what a typical bed bug would look like.

Bed bugs lay eggs, and these newly hatch eggs may take up to 6 to ten days to hatch. Once they hatch, the newly emerging nymphs seek to feed on blood. They molt multiple times before they become adults.

These bugs are nocturnal pests, which mean they are active during the night. Spotting one during daylight will be hard and depends completely on how lucky you are. People tend to ignore bites by bed bugs thinking they are caused by mosquitoes, which is why these pests can go unnoticed for long durations of time.

There are ways you can avoid this by looking for pests at places where you may find them. It’s best to check at places like the headboard, ceilings, loose wallpaper, etc. if you want to find them. Adults may grow to the size of the apple seed and do not possess wings.

“People tend to ignore bites by bed bugs thinking they are caused by mosquitoes, which is why these pests can go unnoticed for long durations of time.”

The Bed Bug Inspectors

Look for Evidence for These Bugs in Your Room

You may have observed that these pests are quick at hiding. However, their smartness is limited to that as they often leave evidence of their presence. These include their fecal matter, shedding of their exoskeleton or the appearance of spots of blood on your sheets. The best option is to examine your sheets near the crevices carefully, and you might spot a few of them.

These bugs are often known to leave behind their shells or molts on your sheets while growing larger. Looking for them could give you a head start in understanding the condition of the infestation. Everywhere you go, you will find indications of liquid waste which point towards the presence of bed bugs in your house.

How Do You Recognize a Bite by a Bed Bug?

Since bites of these bugs are similar to those of others, it is not a very reliable indication of an infestation. 70 percent of the people hardly ever react to a bed bug bite as they dismiss to be a mosquito bite.

If a bed bug has bitten you, then you are going to require more than an anti-itch. You will also most definitely have to deal with the infestation. If you suspect being bitten by a bed bug, then you must check for any itching that may cause a burning sensation, raised welts, or any rash that might be present.

“These bugs are often known to leave behind their shells or molts on your sheets while growing larger.”

The Bed Bug Inspectors

Suggested Ways to Deal with the Bites

It is important for you to immediately visit your dermatologist before the situation gets worse. Use some soap with water to cleanse that area. This will help reduce any itchiness that may persist.

It isn’t easy to get rid of these bugs, but if strategically planned, it can be achieved. Contact a professional pest control agency to help you control the infestation. Sometimes using encasements for your box springs and mattresses can bring excellent results.

When the problem at hand is big, then you should take care of it by using the latest technology. This means by installing monitors and other devices to check for bed bugs.***

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