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Bed bug inspections that fix your problem. The Bed Bug Inspectors use our team of NESDCA trained and certified Bed Bug Dogs and bed bug handlers to get rid of your bed bug problem. Our team will inspect your home for all signs of an infestation and inform you of an outbreak and will proceed with bed bug extermination. The Bed Bug Inspectors actively service the metro NYC area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, Rockland, and Westchester NY.

24/7 Bed Bug Exterminator NYC

The Bed Bug Inspectors are based in New York City, our home, and we travel wherever we are needed, whether that be for a bed bug inspection, a bed bug treatment, or bed bug removal, we are the bed bug inspection company and exterminator in NYC you can rely on.

Accumulating decades of experience, The Bed Bug Inspectors are a licensed pest control company and rather than using strictly chemicals, we customize our approach according to your specific situation and circumstances, and this includes organic bed bug treatment and bed bug heat treatment.

Our dogs are NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association) trained and certified, and are proven to be 95% efficient in locating live bed bugs and their eggs.

Our company is unbiased and will give you a full, accurate inspection throughout your home or business.

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Residential Bed Bug Inspections & Bed Bug Dog Inspection in NYC

Bed bugs were a thing of the past for many years, something only brought up in children’s rhymes. But in the last two decades, bed bugs have been on the rise again. Despite their name they can be found nearly anywhere. Beds are primary locations as bed bugs are nocturnal and come to feast while their host sleeps.

But as bed bug infestation populations grow, they spread out to adjacent rooms. Bed bugs hide in crevices, holes, furniture, closets, under picture frames and door frames; virtually anywhere they feel comfort and security.

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Residential Bed Bug NYC

Not only are our dogs extraordinary at finding the bed bugs and their eggs, but our handlers have extensive training in conducting a visual inspection of their own. Both handler and canine have received training from the masters, and have been utilizing their skills and talents to inspect residential spaces for common and unique challenges bed bugs have to offer.

The Bed Bug Inspectors professional team consists of a dog and a handler to inspect your residential living spaces. Whether they are apartments or homes, our team conducts a very thorough and meticulous inspection to find where all nests and bedbugs have spread through. Our bed bug exterminators will ask you if you have seen any bed bugs or if you have been bitten. They will proceed to the master bedroom and will check the wall and ceiling junctions for any evidence of a bed bug infestation. They will also pull the bed away from the wall and pull up the sheets to check on the ribbing of the mattress looking for spotting or bedbugs groupings. They will proceed with the same protocol in the living room and the rest of the house.

Once the bed bugs have been accounted for, pest control experts step in and eradicate them. They will follow the established protocols to ensure that your home is a bedbug-free space. At the end of the treatment they will inspect all surfaces looking for residues. We also offer monitoring services for as long as you feel comfortable to ensure they do not creep back into your home.

Bed Bug Exterminator NYC: Commercial Bed Bug Control

Homes are not the only places bed bugs can be found. They can be discovered in schools, hotels, motels, movie theaters, medical institutions, airplanes, public transportation, and anywhere that caters to and is frequented by the general public.

With their abilities to hitch a ride in luggage, briefcases, purses, or anything that they might have wondered on, they can easily be transferred into your home or business. A bed bug bite is itchy and unpleasant, usually found in a straight line up and down arms or shoulder areas, as opposed to chaotic and random grouping.

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Commercial Bed Bugs NYC

Commercial establishments are easily inflicted with bedbugs, especially those prone to service the public. When your business gets a reputation for bed bugs it could present a great hardship on your success.

If your business is prone to bed bug infestations, investing in a routine monitoring service might be what you need to ensure they do not creep in. If you should suspect a bed bug infestation, call on the experts at The Bed Bug Inspectors to ensure all bed bugs are found for efficient disposal.

BedBug NYC: Professional Bed Bug Exterminators

The Bed Bug Inspectors are the best in the business; our team locates a bedbug and gives you a full consultation on finding the right solution for you. Whether it’s your home or your business space, we can quickly and efficiently detect the bed bugs hiding within.

The Bed Bug Inspectors are a dedicated team of a handler and a canine. Both handler and dog receive special training to become NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association) certified. We proudly service throughout NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Rockland County, and Westchester County, as well as northern New Jersey.

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Understanding the New York Bed Bugs

What Is A Typical Bed Bug Life Cycle?

You’ve probably heard in the media about the importance of taking preventative measure to protect against bed bugs while traveling. As the bed bug problem has gotten increasingly worse, it’s a popular subject.

It might seem like a bit of overkill to be so concerned about picking up a bed bug or two in your clothes or luggage and bringing them back with you when you return home. But if you understand the bed bug life cycle, you will understand why the warnings are being made.

Bed Bugs Multiply Fast

Those few hitchhikers you bring home with you will disembark from your clothes or luggage and find a place in your home that’s out-of-sight and protected—probably close to your bed so that they can easily get to you to feed on your blood while you sleep.

One female bed bug can produce up to 500 new bed bugs during its life. And the bed bug life cycle is not merely a matter of a few days, or even weeks. Bed bugs live about 10 months, but some live longer than a year. So while that one female bed bug that started the infestation is still living, her multiple generations of offspring are taking over your house.

The Bed Bug Life Cycle

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Bedbug Lifeclycle

 The bed bug life cycle begins when the female lays here eggs, usually no more than 50 at a time. The female glues her eggs to rough surfaces using a sticky substance the female naturally forms.

Female bedbugs lay between 200 and 500 eggs during their lifetime.

Within two weeks, the eggs hatch. Each nymph then must consume a blood meal before it can molt, which is a necessary part of bed bugs’ development process. Nymphs molt five times to reach adulthood, shedding their skin after each molting.

The maturation process takes only about 3 weeks in warm temperatures. At that point, each newly adult female can start its own “family.”

As you can see, it doesn’t take long for a few bed bugs to become an army of bed bugs. They reproduce so quickly and efficiently that they can quickly become a serious problem.


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