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The Bed Bug Inspectors are home based in New York. However, we travel wherever we are needed for a Bed Bug Exterminator NYC. Accumulating decades of experience, we are a licensed pest control company, and rather than using chemicals strictly, we customize our approach according to your specific situation and circumstances so that you have non-invasive limited preparation bed bug treatments and inspections for bed bugs in New York City.

Call Us To Inspect For Bed Bugs NYC – You May Not Have Them & Can Save $1000’s

There are other critters like carpet beetles or biting fleas, mites, or mosquitoes that are more easily treated than bed bugs, and therefore cost you less money to take care of the pest problem in NYC.

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Where Are Bed Bugs Found in NYC?

Bed bugs were a thing of the past for many years; something only brought up in children’s rhymes. But in the last two decades, bed bugs have been on the rise again. Despite their name, they can be found nearly anywhere, and that means couches and sofas.

We inspect and if we need to treat every room on the premises to make sure the problem is eradicated fully. Beds are primary locations as bed bugs are nocturnal and come to feast while their host sleeps. But as bed bug infestation populations grow, they spread out to adjacent rooms. Bed bugs hide in crevices, holes, furniture, closets, under picture frames and door frames; virtually anywhere they feel comfort and security.

What NYC Businesses & Industries Are Bed Bugs Found?

Homes are not the only places bed bugs can be found. They can be discovered in schools, hotels, motels, movie theaters, medical institutions, airplanes, public transportation, and anywhere that caters to and is frequented by the general public. With their abilities to hitch a ride in luggage, briefcases, purses, or anything that they might have wondered on, they can easily be transferred into your home or business.

A bed bug’s bite is itchy and unpleasant, usually found in a straight line up and down arms or shoulder areas, as opposed to chaotic and random grouping.

Residential Bed Bugs Exterminator NYC Inspection & Removal Services

The Bed Bug Inspectors professional team consists of a dog and a handler to inspect your residential living spaces at home. Our dogs are NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association) trained and certified, and are proven to be 95% efficient in locating live bed bugs and their eggs. Our company is unbiased and will give you a full, accurate inspection throughout your home or business in NYC.

Whether they are NYC apartments or homes, our team conducts a comprehensive and meticulous inspection to find where all nests and bed bugs have spread through. Not only are our dogs extraordinary at finding the bed bugs and their eggs, but our handlers have extensive training in conducting a visual inspection of their own.

Both handler and canine have received training from the masters, and have been utilizing their skills and talents to inspect NYC residential spaces for common and unique challenges bed bugs have to offer. Once the bed bugs have been accounted for, pest control experts step in and eradicate them. We also provide monitoring services for as long as you feel comfortable to ensure they do not creep back into your NYC home or building.

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminator NYC Control

NYC Commercial establishments are easily inflicted with bed bugs, especially those prone to service the public. When your business gets a reputation for bed bugs, it could present a great hardship on your success. If your NYC business is prone to bed bug infestations, investing in a routine monitoring service might be what you need to ensure they do not creep in. If you should suspect a bed bug infestation, call on the experts at The Bed Bug Inspectors to ensure all bed bugs are found for efficient disposal in NYC.

What to do if you have a bed bug infestation

A recent online article for Forbes revealed that bed bug invasions are epidemic in the U.S. with every region in the country besieged by these pests with a vengeance. Unfortunately, no home is immune to these bothersome bugs.

When you think you might have a bed bug problem, start with these first response tactics:

Bring in a bed bug dog inspection company to confirm the existence of the bugs and also determine just how extensive your invasion has become. While you can also do your own inspection, a specially-trained dog will uncover the insects in difficult to see places like cracks and crevices throughout your home – in the furniture and in the structure, itself. At this stage, it’s imperative to inspect as thoroughly as possible to determine the required course of action.

Bed bug infestation in nyc apartment

Bed Bug Infestation in NYC apartment

If the insects are found, consult with a bed bug extermination company to determine the plan of attack, which might include the use of sprays, vapor machines, heaters, and a complete strip down and specialized laundering of all bedding, upholstery covers and drapery. These fabric items must all be washed in very hot water and then dried in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes.
Bed Bugs What to Do for Infestations

Once the current bed bug problem is contained, the next step is to maintain a vigilant inspection process along with other strategies to stop future invasions. Try these steps to stay safe from bed bugs:

Regularly use a flashlight and methodically go over beds, bedding, cracks and crevices throughout the home, searching for bed bugs, eggs, and debris. The earlier you catch them, the better chances you have for getting rid of them with less time, effort and expense.

Be careful when you travel, go to school, or visit the gym and other public places by preparing suitcases or bags by pre-treating them with Permethrin spray, using Ziploc bags to protect clothing, and regularly inspecting these carriers for any signs of bed bugs.
Use mattress liners and encasements that are proven to kill existing bed bugs and prevent them from returning.

Summary of Action Plan

Any time you suspect bed bugs have invaded your home, consider these suggestions for fighting back:

Act immediately. Despite the growing concern, being proactive is the best strategy when you are thinking, “bed bugs what to do?” The faster and more reactive you are, the better chance you have at successfully eradicating the problem now and avoiding future outbreaks.
Inspect often. Use a flashlight and be thorough. Consider using a bed bug dog inspection company for the most comprehensive inspection possible.

Use the powerful solutions offered by a professional bed bug extermination company. Use other available products when travelling and day-to-day transport.

Don’t stop. Once you have had bed bugs, there is a greater risk they will return. Keep up your action plan for dealing with these insidious insects.

Professional Bed Bug Exterminator NYC

The Bed Bug Inspectors are the best in the business; our NYC team locates bed bugs and gives you a full consultation on finding the right solution for you. Whether it’s your humble abode or your business space in New York City, we can quickly and effectively detect the bed bugs hiding within. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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