Residential Bed Bug Services

Residential Bed Bug ServicesThe Bed Bug Inspectors Residential Bed Bug Services

The Bed Bug Inspectors have banded with canine counterparts to thoroughly inspect and find bed bugs. We then effectively eradicate them. Our home base is located in New York, and we happily serve all surrounding areas. We are also eager to travel to service residential homes inflicted with bed bug infestations. The Bed Bug Inspectors residential bed bug services possess all necessary credentials and have been masterfully trained and certified to detect bed bugs and dispose of them. Our furry team members have been trained and certified through NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association).

Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bugs are on the rise. While bed bugs were once nearly obsolete, they have now become another epidemic.
In the 1940s, bed bugs became nearly extinct in the U.S. through the use of extremely potent pesticide treatments. But since the ease of international traveling is second nature, and bed bugs have developed an incredible resistance to pesticides, they are making themselves notorious once again. In some parts of the country, bed bugs are more abundant. However, there is no need to panic or stress; The Bed Bug Inspectors are on the case.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found in the Home

Being that their favorite meal is to feed on the blood of warm blooded mammals with human beings on the top of their list, bed bugs are found everywhere people are. Bed bugs are tiny and brown, and can be easily transported hither and yonder without their carrier being none the wiser. Bed bugs have been discovered in lodging establishments, movie theaters, medical facilities, offices, public transportation, airplanes, of course our homes, and so many other places. Being so transient, they can easily come into your home through luggage, second hand furniture or other products. They can also simply hop aboard you or your belongings while using public transportation; the scenarios are endless. Once bed bugs have infiltrated your home, they multiply quickly. A female bed bug can potentially lay 1-5 eggs a day, or up 120 eggs during their life span.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are so named because they are nocturnal and feed while their host slumbers. Feeding on your family nightly, they mature and grow through their maturing cycles, requiring a bloody feast just before their next stage. One usually suspects bed bugs due to the line of red, itchy bite marks, often leaving tiny spots of blood stains on the sheets. Being that they are so tiny, and could quickly increase their population, bed bugs are not subject to stay on beds during the day light hours. They can easily hide anywhere, and prefer small cracks nooks to hide in that provides security.

Bed Bug Inspections

The Bed Bug Inspectors offers two inspections services for our valued customers when they need their home searched. A visual bed bug inspection is conducted by our highly trained and skilled professionals. We look in all the obvious locations along with unique hiding places. The other inspection service, which is extremely effective, is through our teamed search. Our handler and their dogs can quickly perform an inspection with little intrusion. Our dogs are trained to sniff out bed bugs and their eggs. After they are discovered, we offer exterminating treatments to ensure all bed bugs and their eggs are killed.

Your residential home is in the best capable hands when you get The Bed Bug Inspectors on your side. With our quality inspections and treatments, bed bugs will no longer be an issue in your home! Call us today to get started!

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