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Bed Bug Bites in Queens Hotels

A lot of times, bed bugs are unknowingly brought into hotels on luggage, clothing, blankets and pillows from guests. Hotels that have high turnover are especially vulnerable to infestation and no hotel is immune.

What to Do to Reduce the Chances of Bed Bug Infestations in Your Hotel

Bed Bug Bites in Queens Hotels

Man with bed bug bites in his back after checking in at an infested hotel

If bed bugs are found in a hotel, all mattresses will need to be removed as well as box springs and drapes in the room. The infected mattresses and box springs need to be in zippered mattress covers and then isolated and keep offsite for one year to make sure there has been an elimination of bed bugs.

All linens, drapes, and towels will need to be washed in hot water and dried at the highest heat setting for at least 20 minutes. The carpets will need to be vacuumed and the vacuum bag needs to removed immediately and discarded in an airtight, sealed bag. All attachments will need to be washed in hot water.

It is necessary to repair cracks in plaster and loose wallpaper as well as seal cracks along baseboards with caulk. The room will need to be treated by a pest control specialist and remain unoccupied until it is certified as bed bug free. Over the counter pesticides and foggers are NOT effective treatments for bed bugs.

How to Inspect Hotel Rooms for Bed Bugs

When you enter your hotel room you should do a quick inspection for bed bugs before you settle in. Bring a small flashlight with you as it will make it easier to see any telltale bed bug signs. Keep your suitcase out of the room or at least in the bathroom as this area is less likely to have bed bugs.

bed bug close-up

Never put your suitcase, clothing, or personal items on the bed as this is the most common way to get bed bugs and then bring them home. Start with the mattress and gently remove the sheet and mattress pad and inspect the corners of the mattress and box spring.

Check the luggage rack too, concentrating on cracks and crevices where bed bugs could have been brought in by other travelers. If you find them, you need to alert the staff and asked to be moved to another room immediately.

Bed Bug Precautions After Travel

It’s a good idea to bring a large plastic bag with you to put your dirty clothes in. Bed bugs can smell the chemical that we leave behind on our clothing and are attracted to this smell. Putting them in a bag will lessen the chance of them smelling the chemical and hitching a ride.

When you get home you can do a few things to reduce the chance of bringing them into your home. Immediately wash the clothes you brought with you. Vacuum your suitcase, inside and out and throw out the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag into the trash.

You can then seal the suitcase in a plastic bag or box to insure, in the unlikely event that bed bugs did hitchhike, they cannot move from your suitcase into your home.

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