Can Human Hair Help Stop Bed Bug Bites?

Can Human Hair Help Stop Bed Bug Bites?

Bed bug bites can be an extremely annoying prospect. It isn’t bad enough to wake up one morning to discover that your house or apartment may have an issue with the small critters, but you have to deal with the itching and irritation that goes hand in hand with being bitten at night as well.

Many people wonder if human hair can stop bed bug bites from occurring. After all, in order for bed bugs to suck your blood in the first place, they must be able to reach your skin. This means that any interference could, theoretically, stop these parasites from sucking your blood. Today we’ll take a look at some facts concerning bed bug bites and what might stop or treat them.

Don’t fool yourself. Thick hair won’t work.

Let’s qualify that statement first. Some people have such thick hair that any insect would be hard-pressed to get close to your skin. Even if the hair on your body isn’t too thick, you might have felt an insect on your arm, just to discover that it can’t penetrate this Fortress of Follicle you’ve set up (apologies for the pun).

Bed bugs, however, are rather small. This means that, on occasion, a bed bug may wade through the hair on your body and begin feasting upon your blood. While it may theoretically be possible for very thick hair to block their entrance into your skin, this is definitely not something you should count on.

What to do once they get through your hair… 

Now that you’re aware that trying to grow out your hair to werewolf standards is not a sound approach to avoiding bed bug bites, you’ll want to learn what to do once they reach your skin. The good news is that bed bugs have never been shown to carry disease. So there’s no reason to worry about contracting something harmful from them. Of course, if you have sensitive skin, you may have a reaction to the simple act of these parasites piercing your skin.

If you’re experiencing bed bug bites, you should definitely treat the area. Although the red spots and irritation will often go away after a week or so, maybe less, it’s an annoying thing to deal with. The best thing you can do is take a hot shower to dry them out, and apply some type of topical cream or aloe vera product.

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