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Difference Bed Bugs Vs. Bat Bugs: Among the bed bug facts that many people don’t know is that bed bugs probably descended from bat bugs.

In fact, a theory is that the predecessors of bed bugs began feeding on humans when our prehistoric ancestors figured out how to chase bats out of caves.

To this day, many people confuse bat bugs with bed bugs because they look so similar. But at the top of the list of bed bug facts you should keep in mind is that bed bugs feed on human blood.

That’s the critical difference between bed bugs and bat bugs—when given the choice, bat bugs would rather suck the blood of bats.

What If There Are No Bats Around?

bed bugs vs bat bugs

You might think: I don’t have any bats in my house, so any bugs I see that look like bed bugs aren’t going to be bat bugs.

You might also decide that you don’t have to worry about bat bugs because, after all, you’re not a bat.

The problem is that—going back to bed bug facts—bed bugs prefer human blood, but lacking that, they’ll victimize any warm-blooded mammal, including dogs and cats.

Likewise, bat bugs prefer bat blood, but they’ll settle for human (or pet) blood.

And just because you aren’t aware of any bats in your home, that doesn’t mean they might simply be undetected, or just paying a visit as they fly around. You might have a bat problem, as well as a bat bug problem.

How to Tell the Difference

A “trick” you can use is to look at the length of the hair on the upper part of the bug’s thorax (between the neck and abdomen). A bat bug’s hair in this area will come up above its eyes, while a bed bug’s won’t reach its eyes.

Not a lot to go on, is it?difference between bed bugs and bat bugs

Well, here’s another one of those important bed bug facts you should know—bed bugs (and bat bugs) are extremely reclusive. You’ll be lucky to even be able to capture one to examine it.

More likely, you’ll be noticing itchy welts from being bitten—or your pets will be scratching such welts.

At this point, you’re going to need professional extermination whether you have bed bugs or bat bugs—both are worrisome pests.

A pest-control specialist can tell you which type of bug you have, and then get rid of them (and bats, too, if necessary!)

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