Can Bed Bugs Survive the Cold?

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bed bug on carpet

Bed Bug on Carpet

 What Temperatures Kill Bed Bugs: Bed Bugs Control

A bed bug is a pea-sized wingless insect that is commonly found in our homes. It is also called a bug. These insects reside in bed joints and mattresses lining. Bed bugs cause a lot of nuisance during the night. They feed entirely on human blood. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects.

bed bug stains on a couch

Bed Bug Stains On A Couch

They remain inactive during the day and emerge during the night. This makes it difficult to control bugs. Bed bugs are easily spread due to high use of guest houses and public service vehicles. This also makes their control difficult. For the best results, anyone encountered with a bed bug control problem should contact The Bedbug Inspectors.

 What Temperatures Kill Bed Bugs: Heat vs Cold

One of the characteristics of bed bugs that enables their survival is their adaptability to adverse conditions. For example, a bed bug can stay for more than a month without feeding. There is, however, some controversy concerning the survival of bed bugs in adverse temperatures.

Hot temperatures are known to kill all pests. Bed bugs are not exceptional when it comes to survival under hot temperatures. They immediately die when there are extremely high temperatures. This is because heat dehydrates the insect to a large extent making it impossible for it to survive.

Bed Bug Infestation on Curtain

Bed Bug Infestation

For cold temperatures, there exists some controversy over its effect on bed bugs. Some people believe cold temperatures are as effective as hot temperatures in bed bug removal. However, the truth is these insects can adapt to lower temperatures but up to 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Above this temperature, a bed bug has the ability to tune the freezing point of its body fluids. This is however possible for only a few days. What kills bed bugs are the extremely cold temperatures which can only be attained through the use of a freezer.

These temperatures should be kept low for an extended period. The most effective period is a timespan of at least 80 hours. Therefore for faster results, the temperatures should be lowered to least possible levels. The temperature should be maintained at this level for as long as possible.

Bed bugs and Temperature: Our Control Measures

Freezing bed bugs is an effective control measure. Use of conventional freezers may not be really useful. With freezers, it may not be possible to attain the extremely low temperatures required to kill bed bugs. Therefore, at The Bed Bug Inspectors, we use a more sophisticated freezing technique to control bedbugs.

“What kills bed bugs are the extremely cold temperatures which can only be attained through the use of a freezer.”

We first conduct a bed bug inspection exercise in the infested rooms. We then remove appliances such as electronics that can be destroyed by extremely low temperatures. Instead of using freezers to lower the temperature, we use equipment that forms snow from carbon dioxide gas.

We apply the snowballs on the infested areas. These tiny snow particles freeze bed bugs very quickly. We have implemented this bed bug removal technique for many years with great success.

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We are committed to eliminating bed bugs from your NYC home at all times. These small insects are difficult to control using conventional pesticides. They develop a resistance to the pesticides with time.

These pesticides also pose a health hazard to the house occupants. We use the freezing method to control bedbugs. The snowballs that we use do not leave marks on clothes and beddings. Our technique is, therefore, a clean control method. Contact The Bed Bug Inspectors any time you have a bed bug infestation. The company will never let you down.

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