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If you contact The Bed Bug Inspectors, the preferred bed bugs exterminator in Nassau County, you can have your bed bug problem eliminated quickly. Calling on a locally owned and operated pest control service means that we’re right here in the community and can service your needs immediately. We understand how upsetting it can be to speak to someone from a call center but you’ll be happy to know that you can always speak directly to one of our local representatives. We will schedule an appointment with you at a time and on a day that is most convenient for you.


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Our Nassau County bed bug exterminators are carefully chosen based on their proven ability to effectively handle bed bug infestations of various sizes, big, medium, and small. Our exterminators receive training in a traditional classroom setting and on the job. This level of training prepares our exterminators for anything that comes their way. We always take the time to explain our processes with our customers. You’ll find out everything you need to know about the services that we have to offer to you. Give us a call and allow us to provide you with the services you’ll need to eradicate your bed bug infestation.

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Our Approach to Treating Bed Bugs

At The Bed Bug Inspectors our Nassau County exterminator uses a systematic approach to treating your bed bug problem. They have been successful in eliminating Gotham Hotel bed bugs and Marriott New York bed bugs.

  • First, we perform a thorough and complete inspection of your home. Our inspection is performed so that we can find the source of your trouble.
  • When we find the source, we can treat the source and then control the problem.
  • Once the problem is controlled, you will not have to worry about bed bugs again. Controlling them means our exterminators can completely eliminate the problem.
  • Then, we’ll work with our customer to develop a protection plan that will help prevent another bed bug infestation from developing.
  • Lastly, we will completely eliminate your bed bug problem with our proven effective pest control methods. Why not contact us now for a free estimate.

Bed Bug Habits and Characteristics

An adult bed bug is only about ¼ inches long and is visible by sight. They are usually a light pale color until they have fed on human or animal blood. After they have fed on blood, they will turn a darker reddish brown color or burnt orange. While the adult bed bug can be seen the bed bug larva and infant cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is why it is often difficult to detect when you have a bed bug problem. In this stage they are very translucent.

While the adult bed bug can be seen the bed bug larva and infant cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is why it is often difficult to detect when you have a bed bug problem.

When a bed bug does bite it is usually painless. The only thing that you’ll experience is irritation of the skin that presents itself in the form of a rash. There is no particular time of the year that they are more active; although some say believe they are more active during the winter months, this hasn’t been proven. From our experience, bed bugs are active year round and are nocturnal.

Why Get Immediate Attention – Bed Bugs Exterminator Nassau County

If you don’t want to carry the stigma of associated with having bed bugs, you should do something to rid yourself of the problem right away. People will avoid you and they will likely avoid asking you out or to their homes. Most people understand that a bed bug problem can be difficult to find and even more difficult to treat. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the problem you’re experiencing will be effectively treated when you rely on The Bed Bug Inspectors, we have a proven track record of effectively treating New York hotel bed bug infestations.

K9 Sniffing Bed Bug Inspections

With bed bugs on the rise in recent decades, it is essential to pull the resources together to keep bed bug infestations under control. Canines are an excellent addition in ensuring bed bugs and their eggs are found and terminated accordingly to guaranteed bed bug removal. The dogs selected for the program are based on breed, energy levels, and biological traits that enhance their sense of smell. Mostly young dogs are rescued from shelter, raised and trained to become certified bed bug inspectors.
The Bed Bug Inspectors

Canine bed bug inspections are 95%, are far less intrusive, and take mere minutes to complete.

It generally takes these sweet pooches 8-12 months to complete up to 1,000 hours of training; generally the older dogs take a little longer. After they reach their hours, testing for certification is completed and when they pass, they join the workforce with a trained handler. During the training stage the dogs are trained in a mock setting, from a special facility designed to look like a hotel room, where bed bugs are randomly placed, and the dogs go sniffing. They are taught cues to let the handler know if bed bugs are present.

Once the special pups learn basic obedience commands, they are then introduced to specialized bed bug training. The handlers are trained as well, going through in-depth training and proper care of dogs. Dog care includes; proper nutrition, grooming and additional training for medical emergencies like CPR specific to dogs, as well as bed bug inspection training.

Canine bed bug inspections are 95%, are far less intrusive, and take mere minutes to complete. The Bed Bug Inspectors take full advantage of the canine team’s beneficial gain to enhance our efforts with our bed bug services.

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