Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bedbugs

Bed bugs are strictly parasitic insects that live in warm areas such as bedding. They are small and brown, with flattened bodies that allow them to hide from the host’s eye efficiently. They feed on human blood (humans are the most common host), and their bites can give rise to itchiness, skin rashes, allergies and even psychological effects.

Once a bed bug finishes feeding, it relocates to a place close to the host, usually in beds or bedding. Most bed bugs are nocturnal, and so are not easily noticed.

Bed bug infestations are very common and can be a source of constant worry and discomfort. Bed bug infestations can affect an individual in a variety of ways – from causing disturbed sleep to full-blown allergies.

A bed bug infestation should not be dismissed or taken lightly. As soon as the bed bugs are noticed, steps should be taken to ensure their removal. Bed bugs multiply very fast, and so it is necessary to kill every single one of them. Tell-tale signs of bed bugs are a dried-up black fecal matter on the bed and bumpy reddish bite marks on the skin (especially the neck and back).

So what kills bed bugs? How does bed bug extermination take place? Can bed bugs be permanently removed?

From Lotion to Hot Steam

  • Use bed bug lotion or cream

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bedbugs

Apply Lotions

While this does not directly address the issue of elimination of bed bugs, it can be used as a temporary solution to protect your skin from bed bug bites.

  • Use tea tree oil

tree oil bottles

Make a bed bug repellent spray using tea tree oil (essential oil that is concentrated) and water. Spray it onto the mattress and bed frame. This spray can also be used to launder the pillow cases and bed sheets.

  • Use lavender oil

oil and vinegar bottles

Lavender oil can be used as a bed bug repellent that can be sprayed onto the affected areas (mattress, bedding, bed frame). It can also be used to launder the bed and pillow covers.

  • Use non-chemical pesticide grade diatomaceous earth (DE)

Sprinkle this around the room, in and under doorways, corners, crevices, and window panes. This will keep the bed bugs out and also kill them (by puncturing the exoskeletons of the bed bugs and absorbing their internal fluids).

  • Use a vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner icon

Although not a ‘natural’ method, vacuuming all crevices and areas of the bed frame and mattress will remove a large amount of hiding bed bugs.

  • Use hot steam

Bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures, so blast hot steam (using a steam cleaner) all over your mattress and bed frame for bed bug removal.

  • Stick double-sided tape to the legs of the bed

The bed bugs can get stuck to this while trying to climb onto the bed.

  • Use mint leaves

mint leaves

Sprinkle crushed, and dried mint leaves over all the affected areas. These will act as bed bug repellents.

How Can You Really Get Rid of Them?

The natural methods mentioned above are helpful but are not always successful. Bed bugs are sneaky and stubborn pests (they can even last for more than a year without feeding!), and so appropriate measures should be taken to get rid of them.

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